Motor Protection


3PH Voltage Monitor

Copeland Three Phase Voltage Monitor

  • Helps protect motors from premature failure and burnouts.
  • Phase unbalance: 2-5% adjustable.
  • Over / Under voltage protection: 2-10% adjustable.
  • Phase loss protection: 25% of nominal.
  • Delay on break timer: 2-10 minutes.
  • Fault interrogation delay: provides a delay between fault detection and system shut down – helps eliminate unessary shut downs.
  • Programmable, 25 fault memory.
  • 190-630 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz.
Sentronic Oil Pressure Switch  Sentronic® Oil Pressure Control

The Copeland Sentronic® electronic oil pressure safety control uses a pressure sensor and an electronic module to precisely measure oil pump differential pressure. Common sources of leaks (bellows, capillary tubes, and pressure connections) are eliminated when using the Sentronic® oil pressure control. The control has a precise electronic clock for the two minute time-out circuit.

Should oil pressure fall below a 7 to 9 PSI differential, the module will open a normally closed contact, shuting the compressor off. A trip of the oil pressure safety switch is a warning that the system has been without proper lubrication for too long. It will also shut the compressor down if the oil pressure fluctuates between acceptable and low oil pressure and records a history of low oil pressure for 60% or more of a running cycle.

 INT 69

Kriwan INT 69

The INT69 module is suitable for installation in motor terminal boxes. The module is highly reliable and is in use world-wide. Up to 9 PTC thermistors can be connected in series to the measuring circuit input.

If the temperature in one of the areas monitored exceeds nominal response temperature of the PTC thermistor, thesensor resistance increases and the INT69 control module switches the motor contactor off. The module resets when the temperature drops below the response temperature by approximately 3 K.

 INT 369R

Kriwan INT 369R

The INT369R is designed to protect against excessive motor winding temperatures by monitoring the resistance of PTC thermistors embedded in the windings.

As the winding temperature approaches the design response temperature of the PTC thermistors, the increase in resistance is sensed by the INT369R module. The out put relay drops out immeadiately and locks out. Reset is achieved by interrupting the supply voltage for at least 5 seconds, provided that the fault condition has been corrected.