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CAREL Products

CAREL Integrated Control Solutions include programmable controls for Air-conditioning, Refrigeration and Humidification. These products are offered by Power Compressor Exchange, based in Johannesburg, Gauteng. Read the facts about CAREL advanced control systems and understand why they are so superior to any others available.

CAREL Programmable Controls

CAREL programmable controllers are supplied by Power Compressor Exchange (PCE) in Johannesburg, Gauteng. Their applications include Air-conditioning, Refrigeration and Humidification. One of the reasons why we believe that CAREL’s advanced control systems are superior to others in the market place is that they conform to “green” standards.

CAREL High Efficiency “Green” Solutions

CAREL has always developed and promoted "high efficiency solutions" - a clear response for environmental protection through optimised and integrated control systems. These are capable of significant energy savings and can therefore reduce environmental impact.

CAREL Air-conditioning Products

  • Programmable controllers for specific applications such as chillers, air-conditioning units and air-handling units.
  • Customised controllers designed to meet customer needs. CAREL controllers can be connected to BMS, BACnet, TCP/IP, SNMP, Metasys, LonWorks (Echelon) and Trend protocols.
  • Standard controllers for temperature, pressure and humidity control

CAREL Refrigeration Products

  • Programmable or Customised versions designed to meet customer needs in terms of size, function, specifications, aesthetic design. Local and remote management solutions. Integrated solutions for CO2 applications in commercial refrigeration (retail systems).
  • Controllers for specific applications such as cold rooms, display cabinets, showcases and compressor packs.

CAREL Humidification Products

  • Adiabatic humidifiers – air/water, pressurised water, centrifugal. Safe in terms of hygiene and delivering energy savings.
  • Isothermal humidifiers enable the right solution to be found for every kind of application. Electrical, immersed electrodes and gas.

Why CAREL Products?

CAREL believes that it is possible to protect the environment within an industrialised society. Massive advances in technology have made the concept of sustainable development a reality today. The quality of life can be improved without overloading the supporting ecosystems that it depends on. Cutting-edge control solutions are now available, and their full potential is ready to be exploited. Using CAREL high efficiency solutions means that you are doing something concrete to contribute to protecting the environment. It means looking to the future with confidence.

Who are CAREL Integrated Control Solutions?

CARELwas founded in 1973 in the province of Padova in Northern Italy, where it started manufacturing steam humidifiers. Since then, it has built an enviable track record of technological innovation and success.

In the 1980s, the company made great strides. It designed and produced a microprocessor controller for precision air-conditioners in computer rooms, followed by the first monitoring system for air-conditioning units. The design and production of programmable controllers for air-conditioning and refrigeration culminated in the development of a new programmable electronic board, complete with CAREL proprietary programming tools (EasyTools).

During the 1990s, CAREL introduced serial communication on its entire range of controllers and ISO 9001 certification was received. Its first subsidiary, CAREL France, was established in Lyon and the German subsidiary, CAREL Deutschland, was established shortly afterwards. CAREL also expanded into the United Kingdom and South America.

The 21st Century saw CAREL established in China, Australia and the USA and its Centre for Experimental Thermodynamics founded to experiment with control techniques for refrigeration appliances, with special focus on new technologies.

The period 2005 to 2008 saw rapid expansion of the CAREL production facilities and worldwide network of branches, including South Africa.

In 2009 the company was restructured, with operational, industrial and commercial functions passing to a new company: CAREL Industries. By 2014 the company had upgraded its certifications to ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

Today CAREL is recognised as a world leader in control solutions for air-conditioning, refrigeration and heating, as well as systems for humidification and evaporative cooling. Its products are designed to achieve energy savings and reduce the environmental impact of machinery and systems. CAREL control solutions are used in commercial, industrial and residential applications.

CAREL’s achievements and awards

Over the years, CAREL has won a series of prestigious awards which include:

  • 2006 Company of Excellence, in the top one hundred companies in Italy
  • Special Mention in the 2006 FIORE prize (Farnell InOne RoHS Elected), in the RoHS compliant manufacturing technology category
  • Innovation Award as part of the Quality in Development Prize promoted by the Rotary Club, Unindustria Padova, the Chamber of Commerce, Ucid (the Christian Business Union) and the Order of Accountants
  • 2008 Mediobanca Prize, awarded to the most dynamic businesses that stand out for high growth and good profitability
  • 2009 Marco Polo Prize- awarded by the Veneto region Unioncamere to the company showing the highest level of commitment and the most significant results in foreign trade
  • 2009 China Awards - prize in the "Creators of Value" category as the company that achieved the best performance in the Chinese electronics sector
  • 2010 Special Mention in the "Business Innovation Prize" awarded by Confindustria, the main Italian organisation representing manufacturing and services
  • 2012 Innovation Prize awarded by "Amici della ZIP" in Padua

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