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Thermal and electronic overload starters. PCE stocks the LS Industrial Systems Range of Thermal Overload and Manual Motor Starters.

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Thermal Overload and Manual Motor starters

Thermal Overload
Thermal Overload

4-6A, 6-9A, 9-13A, 12-18A, 16-22A, 24-36A, 28-40A, 45-63A, 65-100A, 80-100A

Electronic Overload switch
Electronic Overload

16-80A 22-37kW (Electronic)

Manual Motor Starter
Manual Motor Starter

Overload and Circuit Breaker in one.

4-6A, 6-10A, 9-13A, 11-17A, 16-22A, 22-32A, 28-40A, 45-63A, 55-75A, 70-90A, 80-100A. (Top & Side Mount Auxillaries also available.)

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