Servicing of Reciprocating & Screw Compressors

Servicing of power reciprocating and screw compressors. Getting the most from your compressor equipment and extending your ROI

Screw Compressor Services
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Screw Compressors

With decades of experience; the right attitude, equipment, expertise and high quality parts, your screw compressor gets the right attention and service, extending your ROI.

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Servicing all leading brands.
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Screw Compressor Servicing

Bitzer screw compressor - cutaway

Making use of our team’s extensive experience and sound expertise, we provide highly specialised screw compressor services for the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry.

Extensive inspection of your compressor when it comes into the factory is documented. We then disassemble the unit and carefully assess what is needed for the repairs.

Reciprocating Compressor Services

At PCE we also service piston compressors. All leading brands have entrusted us with servicing, repairs and maintenance of their products, regardless of type or make.

Not only do we service, repair and maintain reciprocating compressors, we also carry spares and parts for them too. PCE is renowned for compressor remanufacturing.

Bitzer screw compressor - cutaway

We Service All Leading Compressor Brands

No matter what kind of compressor you have; screw compressor or reciprocating compressor, we can service it for you. Every serviced compressor goes through a demanding engineering process, after being thoroughly checked and tested.

Why Regular Maintenance of Your Screw Compressor Is Important

Like all compressor types, rotary screw compressors require periodic maintenance or servicing. They are hard working, so it makes sense to keep them operating optimally, that scheduled maintenance be undertaken. You will be rewarded with years of optimal productivity and it will ultimately save yoiu time and money, prevent emergency repairs and improve your compressors life expectancy.

When well-maintained, a screw compressor can provide thousands of hours of unimpeded performance. Translated, this means less hassle of down time and greater ROI.

Professional Compressor Servicing

We service, repair & maintain all major brands, makes and models of industrial compressors, including:

  • Examine it carefully and take it apart
  • Strip all parts, clean them with chemicals and inspect them
  • Remove all worn or damaged parts and replace all gaskets and seals
  • Replace reed valves, piston rings, cushions, thrust-washers, valve springs
  • Check dimensions of crankshaft and pistons with a micrometer
  • Rewind the electric motor
  • Assemble to original specification and standard
  • Test thoroughly – temperature, pressure, electrics, mechanicals, oil pumps

Serviced Compressors all carry a 12 month Guarantee (Certificate upon request), the same as offered by the OEM.

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