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Discover what lies behind the vision and passion of PCE to make a difference in the refrigeration industry.

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Seven years ago, I bought Power Compressor Exchange (PCE) who are professionals in the business of re-manufacturing compressors. We have developed a passion for delivering great service, and a vision to inspire the entire refrigeration and air-conditioning industry in South Africa.

Company roots

When I took over the company in 2008, PCE had been doing pretty well for some twenty plus years. It had achieved recognition beyond South Africa’s borders and had been accepted as a member of the International Compressor Remanufacturers’ Association based in America. Its ISO 9001 was registered in 2003.

But this was not enough for me. I had a huge appetite for growth – and the change in thinking that was needed to bring this about. It was time to innovate.

Innovation behind the scenes

Part of the change centred around developing teamwork and a solid commitment to deliver great service. It was not difficult to make it happen, as we already had excellent skills on board and all of our engineering work is done in-house. We enjoy complete independence when it comes to re-manufacturing compressors.

The rest of the change was all about putting new, more efficient business processes in place and making sure that every person knew exactly what they were supposed to do.

What Drives the Success of PCE Today?

There are a number of reasons why we are enjoying greater success these days. They revolve around our professional management and staff, our well-known brands and the extensive market we serve.

The professional team behind PCE

At Power Compressor Exchange we have developed the expertise to provide an unrivalled compressor re-manufacturing service.

You’ll find our experienced management team are well equipped to assist you with any of our products and services. They make it their business to stay abreast of international trends and put them into practice when called for.

Well-developed engineering skills

Critical to our success are the well-qualified artisan skills we have on the floor in our workshop. Our technicians have mastered the complexities of re-engineering compressors in the correct way.

A detailed understanding of compressor technology and applications enables them to meticulously re-engineer compressors in our modern workshop. This allows us to deliver you compressor performance that achieves the original manufacturer‘s specifications.

Re-manufacturing well-known brands

We re-engineer all major brands, makes and models of compressor, including:

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We carry plentiful stocks of high quality replacement parts supplied by these and other manufacturers. These spares are also used in our re-manufactured compressors, in order to maintain the standard of the original manufacturer.

A wide range of disposable refrigerants and consumables is also available to make sure that your compressors keep on running efficiently for years to come.

Extensive engineering services

We specialise in overhauling industrial compressors of all kinds, including hermetic and screw machines.

Before we commence work, we provide a fully comprehensive inspection report. When your compressor arrives for re-manufacturing, the procedure is as follows:

  • Examine it carefully and take it apart
  • Strip all parts, clean them with chemicals and inspect them
  • Remove all worn or damaged parts and replace all gaskets and seals
  • Replace reed valves, piston rings, cushions, thrust-washers, valve springs
  • Check dimensions of crankshaft and pistons with a micrometer
  • Rewind the electric motor
  • Assemble to original specification and standard
  • Test thoroughly – temperature, pressure, electrics, mechanicals, oil pumps

Our workmanship is guaranteed

Our repaired and exchange units carry the same one year warranty as the original manufacturer. We also offer an extended warranty.

Serving a wide market

Our client base includes government, semi-government organisations, supermarket chains, shopping centres, mining houses, hospitals, refrigeration and air-conditioning companies, as well as professional maintenance companies and consultants.

Just a few of the well-respected companies we serve are:

  • Nedbank Group
  • Eskom
  • Liberty Properties
  • Shoprite Checkers
  • SABC

Please click here to see the testimonials provided by some of these satisfied clients.

Playing an important role in a changing industry

World-wide the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry is experiencing a rate of change never seen before. New technology is being introduced every day and the Green movement is gathering momentum. Companies are striving to reduce their total carbon footprint through control of energy, wastage and pollution.

However, because we are experiencing extremely tough economic times, many companies in South Africa cannot afford to invest in new technology at this stage. It makes sense for them to re-condition their existing equipment to as good as new, making use of our expert services at PCE.

Vision to Inspire the Entire Industry

Today I am exceptionally proud of the company we have built – progressive, forward thinking, energetic and eager to serve.

But I believe that we are here not only to serve our own clients but also the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry at large.

We will continue to establish new standards of quality and performance. We will set the market alight with our passion for great service and inspire others to follow. Please talk to us and let us know how we can reach even greater heights.

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Power Compressor Exchange (PCE) are professional compressor re-manufacturers and stockists of all world-leading brands of compressors and chillers.

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