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Rental of a Chiller nowadays makes complete sense. Maximise your cash flow, flexible terms, latest technology, no deposit, off balance sheet

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Rent Your Chiller

Trane Rental Compressors

Trane Rental Chiller

Renting Your Chiller from a Compressor Company skilled and knowledgeable, with all the technical and engineering skill and backup, who are in a position to service and keep optimal their own equipment, is ideal, and a sure win-win situation.

10 Reasons to Rent YOUR Chiller

  1. As a customer you can easily keep up to date with all the latest technology.
  2. Our repayment structures offer you total flexibility to maximise your cash flow.
  3. We place strong reliance on the intrinsic value of equipment financed.
  4. There’s generally no upfront capital expenditure or outlay so our customers working capital remains untouched and can be invested into other growth areas for the business.
  5. Rentals can be tailored to your individual needs. We can use annual escalation in line with inflation and reduce the initial rentals.
  6. As rentals are a tax deductible operating expense, they are off balance sheet, and no capex approval is required.
  7. You will be entitled to deduct VAT paid from VAT collected, which will result in a saving.
  8. No deposit is required on a rental agreement.
  9. As rentals are totally off-balance sheet – your equity, current returns on assets ratios are improved and unlike a lease do not need to be capitalized.
  10. At the end of the rental period you can continue renting the equipment for a nominal amount per annum.

Why Rent YOUR Chiller

As PCE are the air-conditioning experts let us look after our own equipment. Flexibility is central to this type of arrangement, allowing you to utilize your cash in other areas of greater need, while the Compressors (or chillers) are our concern. It is in our best interest to ensure that the compressors (and/or chillers) run optimally, are always correctly serviced (using OEM parts and skilled workmanship), so both interests are served.

Our proposal is a 7 (Seven) Year term, coupled to a tailored SLA.

As indicated above, rentals are fully tax deductible as this is on rental contract. Inclusive of services all can be tax deductible. That could include your services part of the agreement.

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Remanufactured units are held in stock for sale on either an outright or exchange basis.