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What to do when your power compressor packs up, seizes or starts 'misbehaving'? Time is of the essence. Exchange it for an immediate solution or buy new. Exchanging is more practical, reasonable, and affordable

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Exchanging Your Compressor

Compressor Exchange at PCE

For whatever reason, your compressor no longer functions as it should. You cannot afford the downtime, nor squabble about how it is that the compressor is not functioning correctly. What are your options?

Buying a new compressor is certainly an option. But this process can take time and will cost 'the most' as a solution. The second option is to exchange your compressor.

Exchanging a compressor is a practical and reasonable solution, and is the very reason PCE started. This means a call, sharing compressor specs and needs and arranging an exchange. Bring in your disfunctional compressor, exchange it for the same or similar and your downtime is minimized and you are operational is the shortest space of time.

Compressor Stocks

No matter what the kind of compressor you have, the chances are that we have a remanufactured replacement ready and waiting for you as soon as you need it.

Every remanufactured compressor we sell has gone through a demanding engineering process, guaranteeing you’ll get a quality compressor at a competitive price.

We re-engineer all major brands, makes and models of industrial compressor, including:

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Leading Compressor Brands

At PCE the brands exhanged are: Copeland, Carrier, Daikin, Danfoss, Bitzer, Dorin, Hanbell, Trane, Frascold, Refvomp, Thermo King, York, GEA Brasso, CIAT, and Bock.

Remanufactured compressors are held in stock for sale on either an outright or exchange basis. The compressors exchanged simply go onto the production line to be remanufactured to OEM standards and once done, return to our shelves for exchange or sale.

Buy A ReManufactured Compressor

The most affordable solution is a remanufactured compressor. Not only do you save on the actual costs but in time too. A remanufactured compressor has been 'rebuilt' with OEM parts and to OEM standards and therefore carries a 'standard' 12 month Guarantee on workmanship.

Power Compressor Rentals

Your third option in having a fully functional power compressor is to rent one. This is usually a very beneficial option, as now you have the latest technology, the right compressor that can be upgraded, and all the hassle out of ownership is taken away, as we look after our own property through a relevant SLA.

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